Our Story

Big River Herbs is as much about a lifestyle option, as it is a treasure trove of amazing natural herb products. We believe in creating body balance… the Herbal Way.

A prematurely aging body and serious spinal deterioration has led this family to seek out alternative medicines to assist with pain management, so as to continue with a productive everyday life.

Combine this interest in alternative medicines and products with an enthusiastic kinesiologist neighbour, and we realised the amazing potential and benefits the herbal way could provide for the wider community….and so was born Big River Herbs.

After previously spending more than 25 years in successful agricultural pursuits, across three states and throughout different regions, and after a break to focus on raising our daughters, we found our passion and interest in growing plants was still very much alive.

It was this past knowledge and experience, coupled with a strong desire to reignite our agricultural interests that we began trialling and growing a range of herbs intensively in greenhouses on our lifestyle block in Narrandera.

Much research and testing on a broad range of plants was initially carried out and continues to occur on a weekly basis to inform our learning and understanding of the natural and healing benefits and attributes of the plants being used.

Developing a close network of like-minded individuals has also assisted us to tap into the needs of alternative medical practitioners and has ingrained the use of specific herbs in our primary range.

At Big River Herbs we are passionate about delivering High-Quality, Hand-Crafted, Organic Herbal Products and are working towards a complete supply chain production.

Come along and join us for the journey to creating Body Balance
… the Herbal Way.

Big River Herbs products can be purchased at local events, agricultural shows, various stockists throughout New South Wales and Victoria, or via our online shop.